Dr Bang Eojanok 2:1:1 Scalp Pack 220ml
Dr Bang Eojanok 2:1:1 Scalp Pack 220ml
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Dr Bang Eojanok 2:1:1 Scalp Pack 220ml

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韓國知名生髪醫生 Dr.Bang - 世界最多禿頭治療紀錄的權威。Dr Bang 採用純天然產品,無藥性。只需連續使用1個月-56天會見效果。Dr.Bang洗髮水相比一般市場上的洗髪水不同之處在於其化學物質含量減至最低。其獨有成份亦有助改善脫髮問題。全套3支,  輕鬆三步曲:

STEP 1(步驟 1): Eojanok 2:1:1 Scalp Pack 魚紫綠 220ml

More info below 詳細資料請參閱以下

STEP 2(步驟 2): Dr Bang Grace Hair Shampoo 洗頭水 120/250ml

STEP 3(步驟 3): Dr Bang Grace Power Tonic M 阻截DHT精華素


Dr Bang Eojanok 2:1:1 Scalp Pack

Containing carefully selected extracts of Eoseongcho, Perilla Ocymoides, and Green Tea Leaves produced in Korea is a patented product of Dr Bang's Hair.

The triple complex of Eoseongcho, Perilla Ocymoides, and Green Tea Leaves cleanses the scalp by removing dead skin cells and sebum, while Copper Peptide protects the scalp.

Ingredients & Effects:

  • Decanoyl Acetaldehyde - anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect excellent effect on the treatment for oily scalp and hair
  • Quercetin - effectively open hair follicles,  improves blood circulations
  • Perilla - contains a large number of minerals and Vitamins B1, B2, B6, Vitamins C, E, and K. In addition, it contains abundant Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc which is the natural vitamin that requires in human hair.  The Perillaldehyde contains in the Perilla is effective in the natural preservative to restore the abnormal dehydration
  • Polyphenol - contains in the Green Tea, Houttuynia Cordata Thunb and Perilla is the ideal combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory of DHT
  • Green Tea - anti-oxidation and enhanced immune force and sterilization It contains Zinc, Copper, Selenium, etc which is necessary for hair growth, is also an essential element of cell regeneration, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth 

 How to Use:

  • STEP 1 - Spray  Eojanok 2:1:1 Scalp Pack on dry hair, gently massage for 2-3 minutes, then leave it on for another 7 mins (do not rinse).  Then follow by STEP 2 & 3

**Eojanok - Anti-inflammatory, sterilization, and for dredge pores
Can effectively exfoliate and maintain a clean scalp
The formula contains a unique ratio of 2:1:1, which are the best substances to protect the scalp

Manufactured in Korea


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Dr Bang 魚紫綠 2:1:1 頭皮膜 220ml

  • 針對韓國國內的魚腥草、紫蘇葉, 進行嚴格挑選該提取物為Dr Bang's Hair 的專利產品。三種原料的融合效果有助於去除角質和油分, 確保頭皮清潔。該配方所含有的銅肽成分為保護頭皮的最佳物質
  • 魚腥草有強力的抗發炎及抗菌效果對治療油脂性頭皮及脫髮有卓越的效果


  • 魚腥草的主要成份槲皮素,能有效打開頭皮毛囊,令血液循環順暢。除此之外能有效對抗頭皮炎和頭皮敏感
  • 紫蘇葉含有大量礦物質和維生素B1,B2,B6,維生素C,E,K 。除此之外還含有豐富的鈣,鉀,鐡,鎂和鋅, 這些都是頭髮所需的天然維生素
  • 紫蘇葉中含有的紫蘇醛除了有很強的抗菌作用外,亦是有效的天然防腐劑使不正常的脫髮回復正常
  • 綠茶中含有多酚,與魚腥草,紫蘇葉搭配,是最理想的抗氧化,抗發炎,抗DHT的三合一組合
  • 綠茶除了抗氧化外還有增強免疫力,及抗菌作用
  • 綠茶葉中所含有鋅,銅,硒等,是使頭髮生長的必要抗DHT成份。也是促進細胞再生,不可或缺的主要元素。因此將綠茶葉,魚腥草,紫蘇葉組合使用,可達到良好的預防脫髮及促進生髮效果


  • 步驟1 - 先把魚紫綠噴在乾髪上輕輕按摩2-3分鐘, 等待7分鐘 (無須冲水), 然後接著用 步驟 2 及 3

    **魚紫綠主要消炎殺菌、疏通毛孔, 能有效去除角質和確保頭皮清潔, 配方含有獨特黃金比例211 及銅肽成分為保護頭皮的最佳物質